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Shomrei Torah Table Tennis Tournament

Saturday, January 6, 2018 • 19 Tevet 5778

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Naftali Aron T.E.P invites you to enter the Shomrei Torah   Table Tennis Tournament taking place on January 6 2018. This year we will be playing Doubles matches and playing for charity for our local Yeshivot (Elementary School)

Please select from one of the five Playing Groups below:

  1. Husband / Wife
  2. 2 Adults
  3. 2 Children
  4. Parent/Child
  5. Grandparent/Grandchild

(Children and Grandchildren are defined to be under age 13)

Please list below the Playing Group and the name of the players on your team

The enrollment fee to play this year is $72 per team. The enrollment fee will be waived for a team upon attaining $72 in sponsorships. If you do not attain $72 in sponsorships, you will be billed $72 at a later date. The enrollment fee does not apply to the 2 Children Playing group. In addition, the admission fee is $18 per person.

Each team winning their playing group will receive a trophy and $180 for their Yeshiva of choice (except for the 2 Children playing group, the winning amount is $36). One of the 5 winners will be able to win an additional $180 for their charity.

Sign up to compete in our Shomrei Torah Table Tennis Tournament. Sign up using the form found below. 

If you have any questions, or to make reservations to attend please contact Mendy Aron at 

This form is not active.

To Sponsor a Team use the form below:

The Teams are as follows:

Team Simi and Yaakov Maline (Sinai) - Husband/Wife

Team Shani and Yitzy Horowitz (He'atid) - Husband/Wife

Team Rabbis Donath (Yavneh) and Markowitz (YBH) - Rabbi

Team Rabbis Belizon and Shestack (Sinai) - Rabbi

Team Rabbis Neubort and Bergstein (RYNJ) - Rabbi

Team Akselrod - Iserovich (RYNJ) - 2 Adults

Team Yehuda and Ari Brum (RYNJ) - 2 Adults

Team Bursztyn-Eckman (Yavneh) - 2 Adults

Team Avi Holczer and Zigi Rudel (Yeshivat Noam) - 2 Adults

Team Uri Moche and Judah Malka (BPY) - 2 Adults

Team Jeff and Gabe Cohen (Yeshivat Noam) - Parent/Child

Team Beckoff - Jason and Danielle (Yavneh) - Parent/Child

Team Addi - Elie and Aiden (Yeshivat He'Atid) - Parent/Child

Team Peter Weissmann and Yehuda Kreitman (YBH) - Grandparent/Grandchild

Team Jules Nachtigal and Ezra Barishansky (Yavneh) - Grandparent/Grandchild

Team Nelly Grussgott and Yakir Mayefsky (RYNJ) - Great Grandparent/Great Grandchild

Team Rabbi Menchel and Noah Beckoff (Yavneh) - Rebbe/Student

Team Rabbi Nadler and Benny Holczer (Yeshivat Noam) - Rebbe/Student

Team Rabbi Hyman and Elnatan Mayefsky (RYNJ) - Rebbe/Student

Team Rav Daar and Yehuda Noble (Yeshivat He'atid) - Rebbe/Student

Team Jordan Silvestri (Director of Sinai at Heichal HaTorah) and Netanel Berkowitz (Sinai) Rebbe/Student

This form gives you the option of sponsoring up to 4 teams participating in the Table Tennis Tournament. If you would like to sponsor additional teams please contact Mendy Aron @ You are required to sponsor at least one team in order to complete this form.

Please note, there is a mandatory credit card fee for those paying with credit card.

You may use this form to sponsor 3 additional teams using the fields below. 

To RSVP to the Tournament use the form below


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Sun, October 21 2018 12 Cheshvan 5779