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A Message From Rabbi Markowitz

Dear Friends

I will be available to all of you via email ( or phone 516-510-4249, and Sara will be available at or phone 917-533-8034. 

An important note: I implore our members not to attend other minyanim or not form private minyanim in households. This will undermine our communal effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our Rabbis will lead by example and daven alone in their private homes. All community members are strongly encouraged to work from home, if possible, and to stay home whenever possible.

Despite physical distance, we want to increase our efforts to those who are older or homebound and are unable or should not leave their homes at this time. We have an opportunity to offer care and support to our neighbors in various ways. We can call them and offer help including picking up prescriptions, ordering food/supplies, grocery shopping, or simply calling to wish a ‘Good Shabbos,” or checking in throughout the week to see if they need anything.’ If you would like to offer your services, or want to be matched up with someone in need, please contact Barbie Topiol at, 201-873-5746, or join the What'sApp Chessed Group by clicking here.

Shalom Bayis
As many of us will be working from home along with our children who will be home from school, we have a unique opportunity to create new memories, and forge new bonds with our children.  At the same time, the close proximity is bound to cause some tension. Let us all try to use this time as a special opportunity to focus on being patient, loving, and sensitive with all members of our family. We know it’s a hectic and uncertain time for all of us.  It’s also a time to reconnect with our respective families and take advantage of the newfound time together. Slow down where possible and be present with your families, hang out together in your yards, and simply appreciate the many blessings we all share.


  • Daf Yomi:         
                   * Daf will be given at 6am during the week, and 7:45am on Sunday morning
                   *  Dial in # 646-417-9965, when prompted use the code: 18183636
                   *  Click here to join the Daf Yomi What'sApp Group                

Kaddish for Chiyuvim 
As it seems that most of the broader NY/NJ community will be closing their Shuls, it could be that the person you asked to say kaddish, will also be home. I found a website through Chabad that has offered to continue saying Kaddish for your loved one. Click here to go to the website. Personally, one can learn mishnayot that spell out the name of the niftar as well. You can reach out to me and I can help find the appropriate mishnayot.

Covid-19 Resources for Children 
Thank you to  Rebecca Ashkenas for putting together several resources to help children understand and address the anxieties related to COVID-19;

It is critical that we care for our health during this time. In consultation with your personal health care provider, it is essential people continue to get fresh air (not with others), eat healthy, exercise, and get an appropriate amount of sleep. 
For those looking for referrals to mental health resources, please contact Sara at or phone 917-533-8034.

Community Awareness
We are acutely aware of the financial impact this is having on many. We are working on ways to help, especially if our situation continues longer. Please consider supporting the local establishments who have availed themselves for deliveries. Additionally, our tzedakah fund is set up to accept donations for those who need help during these times. Lastly, if you have ideas of how to help during this time, please reach out to Jack Nussbaum or reach out to me directly via email at

It is our hope and prayer that our physical distance from one another will ultimately bind us closer to one other in our hearts, and inspire us to better appreciate the spiritual bonds that we share. 

Wishing everyone a peaceful and restful Shabbos for our Shomrei Torah family and all of Klal Yisrael, 

Rabbi Andrew Markowitz

Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780