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Fogelman Memorial Beit Medrash Program


Fogelman Memorial Beit Medrash Program

Continuing our Community Growth Initiative

Weekly Shiurim and  Beit Medrash Learning

The Fogelman Memorial Beit Medrash Program provides an atmosphere for shiurim, chavrutot, chaburot and individual learning; 


Monday through Thursday, from 8:00-10:00pm. Beit Medrash learning, led by our Fellows. Various levels of chavruta learning groups are offered including gemara, topics on contemporary halachic issues and the parshat hashavua. 


In addition, we offer the following: 

Tuesdays 9:15pm (following 9pm Maariv). Join our weekly chavruta learning of Mishnayot Sanhedrin, with the goal of making a siyum when completed. 


Wednesdays 8:15pm - Gemara Megillah Chaburah with Rabbi Markowitz


Thursday Beit Medrash Parsha Shmooze 8:35pm - Given by Rabbi Markowitz. Join us for inspiring Torah and delicious cholent in the Downstairs Beit Medrash. 9pm Maariv follows.


Please join Rabbi Yudin, Rabbi Markowitz and our Beit Medrash Fellows,

 Benjy Kreitman, Shimon Kronenberg and Scott Sears.


The Fogelman Beit Medrash is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Harold Fogelman, A'H, by The Fogelman family


In order to provide nightly refreshments, we need sponsors. To sponsor any of the above learning ($36.00, or 2 can sponsor for $18 each), please email 


Mon, September 20 2021 14 Tishrei 5782