Shomrei Torah Learning Sponsorship Program

The Learning Sponsorship Program allows members and friends of our shul to dedicate a day of learning for the zechut of a yahrzeit, a refua for a choleh, or in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion you wish to recognize. The Learning Sponsorship Program includes all Divrei Torah that take place in the Shul during the day of the sponsorship.

Each sponsorship will be prominently displayed in the Shul lobby, appear in the weekly bulletin, and be announced prior to any shiur or learning. The Learning Sponsorship includes TorahTuesday, the Beit Midrash program, the Rabbis’ daily and weekly Shiurim, Parent Child Learning, Rosh Chodesh Shiur, and the many other Torah Learning that take place through the Shul.

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Gateways To Greatness Book Signing Dinner

Gateways to Greatness Book Signing Dinner


Havdalah Pajama Party


Pre-Purim Extravaganza 


Sun, October 22 2017 2 Cheshvan 5778