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Congregation Shomrei Torah

Purim Schedule

TAANIT ESTHER today, Wednesday March 4th:

Fast began: 5:05AM, Fast ends: 6:32pm (One should not eat until after Megillah reading.)

Mincha 5:20pm, Maariv 6:10pm. It is customary to give Machatzit HaShekel before Mincha. EREV PURIM

SCHEDULE- March 4th Megillah readings: Upstairs and downstairs at 6:35pm and additional reading downstairs at 8:45pm. There is no late maariv minyan. PURIM

SCHEDULE- March 5th Megillah readings, approximately 25 minutes after Shacharit minyanim, which are: 5:30am in upstairs main shul, 6:10am (Vasikin) downstairs, 7:45am upstairs and 9:00am downstairs.

Mincha 2pm, 4pm and z’man at 5:35pm.

                          SHOMREI TORAH’S 40TH ANNUAL DINNER             Sunday, March 15, 2015
at 5:30pm

   Honoring: Sharon and Michael Glass

David I Goldberg Ohr HaChesed Award: Ceil and Sam Heller

Young Leadership Award: Rachel and Daniel Krich

If you would like to work on the dinner, please contact Debbie Friedman or Barbara Irwin, this year’s dinner chair people. Solicitation packets have been mailed.

Make your reservations and place your ads.

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Shomrei Torah's 39th Annual Dinner Journal

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Wed, 4 March 2015 13 Adar 5775