Naftali Aron Torah Enrichment Program

Over the past 10 years the  Naftali Aron Torah Enrichment Program
has had the privilege of serving over 1500 breakfasts and regular shiurim 4 mornings per week and once a month on Sunday.
Torah Tuesday has provided an adult education program featuring the following:
• Multiple book signings featuring prominent Rabbanim including our own Rabbi Yudin
• Table Tennis Tournament raising money for charity
• Chopped Competition and Kashrus Shiur
• Shloshim for Naftoli Frankel, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer who were murdered and raising money for their families
• November to Remember (film by Maury Heller on WWII Veterans and the Holocaust)
• A special shiur on who really owns Barry Bond's home run ball
• Visit to Yankee Stadium to watch the game
• And much more!
Be part of the Naftali Aron Torah Enrichment Program experience. Please contact Mendy Aron at for more details.


Thu, December 14 2017 26 Kislev 5778